Participants are users who participate in a particular auction.


Property Description
best_bid Type of a lot. See Types.
state Participant state. See States and Life Cycle.
buy_now If true, a participant has placed the "Buy Now" request.

See XDR definition.


State Description XDR Value String Value
Deposit pending Participant's deposit has not yet been approved. 4 deposit_pending
Pending Participant can submit bids or place the "Buy Now" request. 0 pending
Rejected Participant either didn't win in an auction or was rejected by an admin. 1 rejected
Auction winner Participant was approved as an auction winner. 2 winner
"Buy Now" winner Participant's "Buy Now" request was approved by an admin. 3 buy_now_winner

NOTE: participants in the deposit_pending state can submit bids, but they won't affect the highest_bid of a lot until the deposit is approved.


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