Lot is a general term for different tradable goods in Shelf.Network.


Property Description
lot_type Type of a lot. See Types.
lot_state State of a lot. See States and Life Cycle.
buy_now_support If true, the "Buy Now" feature is active.
currency ISO 4217 3-letter currency code. It is assumed as a currency of all prices and bids related to this lot.
organizer_id Account ID of the lot owner.
platform_id ID of the publishing platform.
winner_id Account ID of the winner.
details JSON object that contains lot details.
Prices for direct sales
buy_now_price C2C price.
b_to_b_vehicle_price B2B price for direct sales (optional).
b_to_c_vehicle_price B2C price for direct sales (optional).
b_to_c_total_price B2C price (including fees) for direct sales (optional).
Prices for auctions
start_price Start price for an auction. The default value is 0.00.
buy_now_price "Buy now" price (optional).
highest_bid Current highest approved bid.
min_step Minimal difference with the previous highest bid.
max_step Maximal difference with the previous highest bid.
created_at Date of creation: UNIX timestamp in seconds.
start_time Time when the trade will start: UNIX timestamp in seconds.
duration Duration of active trading (in seconds).

See XDR definition.


Type Description XDR Value String Value
Direct Sale This lot has a fixed cost. C2C, B2B, and B2C prices might differ. Direct sales are only visible on the publishing platform. 0 no_auction
Shelf Auction Implementation of an English auction. May have a start price and the "buy now" feature. Each bid must be in the range between min_step and max_step. 1 eng
Copart Auction External lots from copart.com. Currently, only the "max bid" flow is supported. 2 copart
IAAI Auction External lots from iaai.com. Currently, only the "max bid" flow is supported. 3 iaai

"Buy Now" Feature

The lot owner can specify a price for which one can buy a lot immediately, without having to participate in an auction.

States and Life Cycle

State Description XDR Value String Value
Pending Sale/auction has not finished yet. 1 pending
Finished Sale/auction is finished without a winner. 2 finished
Sold Sale/auction is finished with a winner. 3 sold

NOTE: state is manually set by the platform admin or an Auctioneer service, meaning that a lot could remain pending even after the time has elapsed; for this, check the time_elapsed flag.

Lifecycle of direct sale

Lifecycle of shelf auction

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